System Design and documentation

Found some old notes of mine on system documentation. What all documentation you will deliver to customer

1.Business Process Model (The broader picture)

2.System Process Model (How does the system work)

3.Business Concept Model (Business Rules, Requirement Documents)

4.Use Case diagrams

5.Use Case Narratives

6.Solution analysis (Analyze various solutions)

7.Application Architecture Overview (existing components, new components, users, systems and subsystems, responsibilities, files queues, databases)

8.Solution Option Comparison (Business Criteria, Technical Criteria)

9.Deployment Diagrams- Network, Systems, subsystems, application servers, database servers versions

10.Database Diagram

11.Component Architecture- Interactions, Interfaces

12.Infrastructure Architecture- JDBC driver, DB2 driver version etc

13.User Interface UI

14.Test Cases

15. Class Diagrams and Sequence Diagrams