Abtract Factory Pattern

Abstract Factory pattern is another creational design pattern in the league of Factory, Singleton, builder and Prototype patterns. The term has some resemblance to Factory pattern and so does implementation. I tried looking around the internet to figure out some good explanation, but unfortunately they are too complex. This will help though- http://www.oodesign.com/abstract-factory-pattern.html

In my attempt to over simply things, I will try to go back to factory pattern and the example I used for CarFactory, http://kamalmeet.com/2013/06/factory-pattern/. The idea was simple with CarFactory, that user knows he wants a car, but which car is to be created is decided at runtime.


AbstractFactory Extends the idea a bit further, it gives us a factory of factories.


To understand the above diagram, lets extend our CarFactory example, lets say we know that we need a vehicle to start with but we do not know if it will be a car or a bike (decided at runtime). So we will have 2 concrete factories-  CarFactory and BikeFactory. CarFactory is responsible for creating Sedan or HatchBack as previous example and BikeFactory is creating SportsBike and NormalBike. On top of the concrete factories we will introduce a AbstractVehicalFactory which is implemented by CarFactory and BikeFactory.