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Dust me- clean up unused CSS

Recently came accross a legacy code which had a lot of css code and files, which was written over years and most of it was obsolete. Dust-me, firefox plugin helped to figure out all the unused css code. Though I had to traverse all possible flows in the application, but end result was good as few files were identified which were not being used completely and were removed, saving page load time.

Downloading docx files as zip

Faced a weird issue with my new windows 7 laptop today. Whenever I downloaded a docx word document or pptx or xlsx it was getting saved as a zip file. The zip file had a lot of xml files. That reminded me how all the UI elements in windows are stored as xml files. So MS word is just a tool which will take these xml files and create the required document out of it.

But the question for me was how to open this zip file in MS word. The fluke I tried worked out for me that is, just change the extension. E.g. if you downloaded abc.docx, and while download the document got downloaded as abc.zip, you just need to change the name of downloaded file back to abc.docx.