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Tech Trends to Watch- 2023

2023 Gartner Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar

My personal favorites

AI and ML: Well, calling this trend to watch will not be correct as AI is already happening. Right from recommending you the next product to buy to self-driving cars.
IoT: World is more connected with home appliances and vehicles publishing data, that gets analyzed in real-time.
Edge Computing: Computation being done near the source of data and quick real-time decisions being taken.
Quantum computing: This will become more practical and accessible providing help in research and performance in different fields.
Digital Twins: Digital replication of physical systems helping analyze and predict the impact of different parameters.
CyberSecurity: With tech becoming part of the day today life, security is a major concern.
Blockchain: The decentralized ledger is going beyond cryptocurrencies to supply chain management and digital identity.
Robotics and Drones: By automating the way work is done and use for delivery, surveillance will increase.
Virtual and Augmented Reality(VR/AR): Providing new ways for people to interact with and experience the world.
Metaverse: Virtual world experience enabled by VR, AR, IoT, NFTs, and blockchain.
Web 3.0: Decentralization of Internet empowered by blockchain, decentralization and AI.

Infosys launches Big Data Edge

Infosys has launched “Big Data Edge” tool for analyzing large amount of data and extracting information. The data analysis tool claims to find required information in 40 % lesser time compared to existing solutions. It is backed by 50 customizable dashboards and 250 built-in algorithms to provide it a world class performance.

It is good to see some innovative products coming out of India. More info available here