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Driving experience

I did it again last Saturday.. Volunteered to take my Mother to temple in the morning, you know the early morning time, around 6, when driving in the cool wind gives you feeling that heavens can’t be different from this. And add some good soft music, and you know what life is all about.

But the feeling can be engrossing one and you can forget the actual purpose of your drive. Like after traveling for half an hour I released that I was supposed to drive to temple, which I had left like 10 Kms behind.

Not all driving experiences can be same fun, for example my drive from Delhi to Chandigarh yesterday, upto Karnal it was fun, but after that, AC of the car refused to oblige and heat outside was not making a good picture for driving. so last 100 Kms or so were pretty tiring. But again, that is more like life, not always good.

Looking forward to driving back to Delhi this weekend.