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Twenty 20 world cup: The game is on!

Just a couple of days and you can already feel the sensation. West indies beating mighty Australians, Netherlands upsetting England, Scotland giving a target of 90 in 7 over, which was achieved by New Zealand in 6 over scored at a run rate of 15, things are really happening in England.

This really is anybody’s game. You just need a couple of good overs or just one batman gets going and the game is yours. It is different from other versions of cricket. Unlike 50 over game, where maybe first 15 and last 10 overs are the most important, here you only get 20 overs. That means each and ever over counts, or should I say every ball counts. One sloppy shot, one dropped catch, one loose ball; everything is capable of making “the difference”. The rule is simple, go there, and hit it hard, as hard as you can.

Whoever wins, next 15 days would be full of excitement.

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