Returning auto generated id in spring – mybatis

Faced a problem with returning the autogenerated id for new rows being created for a postgres table through spring – mybatis.

@Insert("insert into user (name) values (#{name})")
public void insertActor(User user);

One solution ofcourse was to simply get nextval from the sequence, but I wanted something cleaner where I need not be worried about multithreading issues.

Solution one Tried: One good solution found for postgres was using “Returning” keyword with Insert statement

insert into user (name) values (#{name}) Returning id;

Somehow that did not work with mybatis.

Solution that worked:

@Options(useGeneratedKeys=true, keyProperty = "userId", keyColumn="id")
@Insert("insert into user (name) values (#{name})")
public void insertActor(User user);

@Options, with useGeneratedKeys flag worked just fine. keyProperty defined the property name in Java and keyColumn name defined name of column in table.

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