Top Free BI Tools

Here are some old notes from my analysis of the comparison of leading free BI tools.

1. Pentaho

Can be considered as a complete BI tool
The learning curve is short
Has both paid and community edition.

Community edition has some restrictions, so one needs to look carefully if looking for a free solution.

2. Talend

Has support for charts and graphs
Has support for advanced features like big data

Slower than Pentaho
The learning curve is more than Pentaho

3. Birst

Can connect to Apps and Big data

Does not provide too many details is documentation
Does not provide a free version
Looks interesting but does not open up too many details. If one is going for a paid solution, one can explore other options like Tibco as well.

4. Dynamic Reports

Uses Jasper Report API to develop
One can write Java based code and use libraries to provide graphics

Too much coding Required
It is like writing code to generate reports
Reports will be static (based on code).

5. Spago World / Spago BI

Pros: Completely open source solution

Cons: Community support does not look too active. One can get stuck with issues.

6. JasperSoft

Pros: Better quality graphics
Provides mobile support

Lesser functionality than competitors like Pentaho.
It is suggested to use more in terms of reporting rather than a complete BI solution.


Pros: Eclipse-based, hence low learning curve to get started
hosted reporting

Looks more of ETL tool rather than a complete BI solution