Amazon India- Ecom war gets tough

When I had to buy a book last week, the first obvious choice was Flipkart for me. But I knew Amazon has launched recently Indian online e-commerce website with books and movies, so I thought of giving it a hit. And to my surprise the price quoted was 10% lower than what was asked on flipkart. With cash on delivery option available, it was a safe bet to try, so I gave it a shot.

It normally takes 3 to 4 days for stuff ordered online get delivered, so I was not expecting the amazon delivery card on third day itself (as no one was at home). The card stated that they tried delivering the book and will bring it again the next day. Normally with other websites, I have to check status online, in case I do not get the item delivered within expected time period, so the card was a welcome surprise. Anyway, the book got delivered, as promised, the next day.

Overall I will have to say amazon, as always has kept its high standards from the very beginning in India. With just its presence in Books and movies category, I am expecting a takeover in near future. Let’s see how the things will shape up in future, but with so many online e-commerce sites coming up, it is definitely going to be tough to survive unless one comes up with a unique advantage over others. At the end, customers will get benefited with so many quality options.