Someone is keeping a track

Came across this website today The website claims to take snapshots of all the websites available on the internet. Initially I thought “What use is that of?”. And then for sake of fun I typed in my blog’s url. To my surprise it showed me various snapshots of my blog and to add to my surprise the first snapshot dated back to somewhere in 2005, the year when I started my blog (my blog crashed twice since then and lost a lot of posts).

Man! that brought a lot of nostalgia. I mean my first post was literally one liner-

The first post

May 20, 2005 on 11:28 pm | In General | No Comments

I am only a brain. The rest of me is appendix.

In my defense, that was 8 years back and yeah, that was the first post 🙂

Anyways, I am actually thinking it can be very useful for me. I can check the old posts and see if anything is there which is still relevant and can be re posted to my blog.  Archive(r), thanks for keeping my posts safe.