Rakshabandhan and Future planning

Today is the festival of Rakshabandhan (haan wahi! jab behne bhai ki kalai pe pyaar, i mean rakhi bandhti hai aur unki jeb dhili karti hain). Almost on every year this day, the words of a 7 year old kid comes back to me. Even I was 7 at that time. Yes, some things you just can’t forget (20 saal ho gaye!). So that was the age when you talk to girls only if there is no other option (hoo jee! ladki se baat kar raha tha), and Rakshabandhan was one of those days. Anyways, girls were tying Rakhi to all the boys, and this dude, my friend at that time, was hiding in a corner. I asked him “Kyu be! tu kyu nahi bandhwa raha rakhi” and the reply was “Abey! rakhi bandhwaonga to ye meri behan ho jayegi. aur agar bade ho ke inme se kisi se meri shadi ho gayi to?”

Dude! that is some serious future planning. I am pretty sure this Guy has made big in his life.