Samsung Galaxy Note 2

I have been using samsung galaxy note 2 for more than 6 months now, so thought of sharing some highlights which might help others in making a choice when buying a similar phone.

Screen Size: This is the best thing about this phone. The phablet provides you with a screen in which reading emails/ ebooks is very easy. For the first time I am able to read ebooks so easily on my phone.

Sleek: When I bought note 2, I had a doubt that if it will be easier to carry it along because of the screen size. But sleek width and light weight helps me carry it easily in my pocket.

Speed: Another good thing about this 1.6 GHz phone is I have never seen this slow down or hang, no matter how many applications are in process.

Battery Life: Amazingly the phone’s battery life is much better than I expected. My last Android phobe had a battery life of 1.5 days, but note 2, even with a big screen, can give me more than 2 days easily with regular usage.

Navigator: The big screen helps me use navigate feature of android very easily, it has helped me find out easy routes and alternatives for many destinations.

Camera: With 8 Megapixel camera and great flash, I have not carried a camera in any of my trips since I bought this phone.