The IT Park Joke

I work for an MNC in Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh IT Park. And this is a true incident. On a weekend a couple of months back, I was coming to office to catch up with some work. Now as I was nearing the office, there were 4-5 ladies standing, most probably from some nearby rural area, along with kids. As I reached near, one of them asked

Lady (looked like their leader): “Bhai Jee! Ye IT Park kaha hai” (Bro! Where is this IT park)

Me (as matter of factly) :”Yahi hai IT Park” (This is IT Park)

She ( a bit surprised): “Lekin Park kaha hai yaha?” (but then where is the park?)

Now it was my turn to be surprised: “Park nahi hai. Ye jo buildings dikh rahi hain, isi area ko IT park kehte hai” (There is no park as such. You see all these buildings around you. This whole area is called IT Park)

Another lady to the first one (a bit angry) “yeh hai tumhara IT Park. Tum hi layi thi na IT Park Dikhane. Lo Dekh lo ye buildings” (So this is your IT Park. You brought us here to visit the park. Now see all these buildings)

It took me a few seconds to realize that these ladies must have heard the name IT park somewhere and thought that this is some kind of public amusement park or something. so they along with their kids came to have some good time over the weekend.