Quick notes for Linux commands- 2

Creating shortcuts in linux- It can be a pain to write down long linux commands again and again. So here is how you can create quick shortcuts for all reusable commands.

1. Edit bashrc: You will have a “.bashrc” file in your root folder. open it up for editing (emacs .bashrc) and add commands to be added for shortcut at the bottom of this file like
alias connect=’ssh kamal@kamal.com’

This will simply create a shortcut for the command ‘ssh kamal@kamal.com’ which will get executed by typing connect.

2. Compile bashrc: Before you can actually use your shortcuts, you will need to compile the .bashrc file by
. .bashrc

3. Use shortcuts: Just type the shortcut command connect and you will see that it actually executes the command for which ‘connect’ is an alias.