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Tech Magic

I remember I watched first movie of Harry Potter series more than 10 years back. I was dazzled by the magic in the movie. Ofcourse I knew it was not real and not possible in real world. For example, I remember one scene which showed newspaper with moving images (don’t remember if that had voice too), and I thought, man that is impossible, how can a video is played over paper.

Shift ten years, a couple of months back I used Times of India alive app on my android phone, which can bring the images on newspaper alive (I created something similar myself using qualcomm’s augmented reality library 🙂 ). Well, it is not exactly same as newspaper playing the video, but is close enough, the video plays on your mobile, but it is triggered by newspaper images. Currently you have click scan button once you take your phone on top of newspaper, but I am sure there is lot of scope for improvement.

My point here is that what used to look like impossible has been rapidly transformed to mundane with use of technology. This is the most exciting time to be alive.