Tech Trends to Watch- 2023

2023 Gartner Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar

My personal favorites

AI and ML: Well, calling this trend to watch will not be correct as AI is already happening. Right from recommending you the next product to buy to self-driving cars.
IoT: World is more connected with home appliances and vehicles publishing data, that gets analyzed in real-time.
Edge Computing: Computation being done near the source of data and quick real-time decisions being taken.
Quantum computing: This will become more practical and accessible providing help in research and performance in different fields.
Digital Twins: Digital replication of physical systems helping analyze and predict the impact of different parameters.
CyberSecurity: With tech becoming part of the day today life, security is a major concern.
Blockchain: The decentralized ledger is going beyond cryptocurrencies to supply chain management and digital identity.
Robotics and Drones: By automating the way work is done and use for delivery, surveillance will increase.
Virtual and Augmented Reality(VR/AR): Providing new ways for people to interact with and experience the world.
Metaverse: Virtual world experience enabled by VR, AR, IoT, NFTs, and blockchain.
Web 3.0: Decentralization of Internet empowered by blockchain, decentralization and AI.