Cloud Native Application Design – Pillars of Cloud Architecture

Operational Excellence

Efficiently deploy, operate, monitor, and manage your cloud workload

  • automate deployments
  • monitoring, alerting, and logging
  • manage capacity and quota
  • plan for scale – peak traffic
  • automate whenever possible


Design for the resilient and highly available system

  • automatically recover from failure
  • test recovery procedures
  • scale horizontally to manage the workload


Secure your data and workload, align with regulatory requirement

  • data security
  • data encryption – at rest and in transit
  • apply security at all layers
  • enable traceability to investigate and take actions automatically
  • no direct interaction with data

Performance Efficiency

Design and tune your resources for the best performance

  • monitor and analyze the performance
  • compute performance optimization
  • optimize storage performance
  • anticipate load and scale
  • best practices like caching, CQRS, sharding, throttling, etc to be used

Cost optimization

Maximize the business value for infrastructure used

  • Monitor and control cost
  • optimize cost- compute, database, storage, etc
  • identify and free unused and underused resources